Replacement Rules

Very important information

1. Product warranty is 25 minutes. (After an hour, two, a day, do not write about the replacement, please)
2. Do not check the purchased accounts with a public checker, public proxies, otherwise they will be blocked!
3. Accepted goods are non-refundable, replaced only by accounts.
4. Purchase the amount that you can use in the near future.
5. Buy accounts only if you are able and know how to use them!
6. If you are blocked during the pharma, this is not a reason for replacement!
7. Your 100% replacement guarantee is video recording.
8. The purchased product/service is non-refundable. Make a deliberate purchase decision.
9. The operator's response within 24 hours.
10. If the mail in the package is blocked, this is not a reason to replace the account.
11. If you linked the card in billing and got blocked, this is not a reason to replace the account.
12. If there is a ban on advertising activity on the account, this is not a reason for replacing the account (except for accounts with a ban on advertising activity passed).
13. If, after creating a fanpage, business manager, your account is blocked, this is not a reason for replacement. (This is often a trigger for an account on a new hardware).
14. Account farm means - any action on the account - even their absence after a successful login to the account.
15. If it is not possible to create a business manager on a Facebook account, this is not a reason to replace the account.
16. If you have linked a business manager to your account and for some reason the social network does not allow you to fully work with the business manager (link advertising cabinets there, etc., write to the technical support of the social network) - this is not a reason to replace the account.
17. If you bought an account with a token, uploaded it to the auto bay and found that there is no advertising cabinet there - this is not a reason to replace the account. (This is easily treated by logging into ADS, this does not happen often, but unfortunately such a bug happens).
18. If you transferred advertising cabinets from other accounts to your account, and the account was blocked (as a result of these actions), this is not a reason for replacement.
19. We are not responsible for the life and data of the account after its sale, you have the right to change passwords and install any security measures. Claims from the category: the account was stolen, there were certain valuable resources on it, we do not consider.
20. If you expect to replace your account (for any reason), you should not perform any actions on this account (upload selfies, zrd documents, press buttons - nothing at all), if you decide to press buttons - this is equivalent to the fact of accepting the product as it is, further discussions of replacement for this product are not ongoing.

Please note that when you contact support for the purpose of replacement, the store has the right to request a video purchase. Video recording is not a mandatory procedure, but it is 100% your guarantee to receive a replacement in case of an invalid. When recording a video of an account purchase, you need to record the moment of payment and the delivery of the goods from the store, and then the subsequent verification of the account for validity through the service /. Copy only by right-clicking , i.e. videos where data was copied via CTRl+C are not accepted. P.S. For the particularly smart: you do not need to record the video after purchase. You need to record the time of payment and validation as indicated below. It is in this sequence.

After purchasing an account, the store administration is not responsible for their use for various purposes.

All actions on the account remain the full legal responsibility of the buyer.

After purchasing an account,It is MANDATORY to check them (check).
If you are logged in to your account and it is blocked (uploaded to dolphin, fb tools, and other automated services)– we have the right to refuse to replace you (you press the button yourself «agree with the rules » when placing an order.)

How to check an account:

Detailed instructions can be found at link.

Alternative way to check an account:

If when clicking on the link /ID the site writes «Content is not available» - write to us in telegram, we will make a replacement (this is a marriage).
If the profile opens and you see photos and other information, then the account is alive.
In extreme cases, it happens that the account does not fit the login and password – this is written in more detail on the page "Useful"

How do I get a replacement?

To get a replacement, you need to provide the following data in one message:
1. The email address specified in the order.
2. Order number.
3. The IDs of the problematic accounts (specified in the file with the account).
4. A detailed description of what is happening (how you worked with the account, what you did - a full description).
5. Have you checked the validity of the accounts with a checker (as indicated on the main page of the site) - YES or No. 
6. Expect - we will process your request soon.

It is necessary to communicate with the administration politely, without emotions, only on business. 

If you decide to use: mate, insults, and other negative emotions in communication, there is a high probability of being blocked. 

Replacement Administrator -

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