How to work with 2FA?
Every account with 2FA has a secret key on our partners' website fbxad.ru/2fas /you need to enter this key and you will receive a 6-digit code to log into your account.
What are these accounts for?
To launch an ad.
What to do with them? Do you need to farm?
It is recommended to farm accounts (Instructions ), but many are launched without pharma in a day.
Not included by Cookies / problems with importing Cookies.
If you are having difficulty logging in using Cookies, then log in using your username/password.
List of reasons why it blocks accounts:
— Login to the account from other countries/cities (different IP address).
— Login to the advertising account from the Crimea.
— Crediting a large amount to the account balance.
— The name on the bank card is different from the name on the website.
— Using a bank card from another country.
A sharp increase in advertising costs.
— Changing the payment method.
Adding a person with a "bad" reputation to an account.
— Social network error.
- Advertising of prohibited materials.
— Advertising of limited content.
— Complaints about advertising.
— Page inconsistency with the advertisement.
— The use of prohibited scripts on the page.
Redirecting the user to another site.
— The domain to which you launched the ad has already been marked as suspicious in another account.
Follow the rule: 1 advertising cabinet = 1 card.
— A lot of the same type of actions in a short period of time.
Do you have replacement accounts?
Yes, there is, a detailed procedure for replacing accounts is specified in the user agreement when purchasing accounts.
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