On the POLICY account


You have bought an account for the autofill, downloaded it and saw the status of POLICY

In fact, this is not really a POLICY - this is a normal ZRD - a ban on advertising activities,

The one that appeared about 4 months ago - and everyone knows about it.

Facebook distributes it sometimes more often, sometimes less often, but it happens absolutely randomly.

You can apply for unblocking and you can get an account with the completed ZRD.

Accounts with ZRD are not a basis for replacement, this is indicated for each product in the description.

However, in some cases we can replace such accounts, but we warn you this is done in exceptional cases.

Is not the "correct" password?

Due to the possibly large difference in geolocation - the social network does not allow you to log in to your account,

as an additional security measure against account hacking (a new measure).



1) Login by Cookie - they are always included.

2) Proxy change (mobile)

3) Change of operator (Kyivstar, Life, Vodafone) and so on. and so on.

4) Change geo - for example, replace Ukraine and Russia and vice versa.

5) Watch the video carefully (it works in 90% of cases). Link - click.

6) If nothing helped, write to us in telegram and we will record a video for you

- in which we log in to the account with a username and password.

The best and most stable cookie extension isLink - click.

I can't extract Cookies


More recently, Google and a number of other browsers have partially changed the type of Cookies,

this does not mean that our cookies will not work. In order for you to succeed, you need

in the Cookies line, change the values of "SameSite":"everything inside" on "SameSite":"no_restriction"

Do this for all values, and you will succeed!

Verified sites for accepting sms:
Proxies that are suitable for our accounts:
Import cookies:
Cookies are a set of data that can be imported into the browser in various ways.
They can be encoded and decoded to suit your needs. Now we issue Cookies that can be imported into Google Chrome and Firefox via extensions.

1. EditThisCookie for Google Chrome.
2. Cookiebro for Google Chrome.
3. Cookiebro for Firefox.

*If you have a different browser, and it doesn't work, then contact the developer for help.
If you have Indigo and Cookies are not imported through permission, then just import them through the built-in Indigo functionality.
The import itself should look something like this:

To convert Cookies from BASE64 to JSON format, use this website:
How to work with accounts:
1. Do not log in using Cookies, now fb often gives a BAN for this.(It seems to be allowed - we log in using Cookies, we are not afraid of anything ;) )
2. Do not use any third-party software to promote your FB account.
3. Use the browser antidetect.
4. We recommend using a mobile ip address.
5. Log in to major sites using FB.
6. The main rule: 1 ip = 1 domain = 1 account.
7. Use only new bank cards.
8. Do not change your full name, date of birth, city, and even more so email + phone.
9. Do not load a girl with tits - fb knows that the picture shows tits.
How to warm up accounts:
Day 1. Log into the Account NOT through Cookies (through login and password) in the anti-detect browser with proxy, scroll through the interface and let it rest for 1 day without leaving the Account (let's get used to the hardware).
Day 2. Log in to the Account 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes (morning, afternoon, evening). We behave like a normal user. Go through the pages of friends, scroll through the tape, watch the video and do not do anything.
Day 3. We can go to Ads or link a BM, we will link a card (1 card can be linked up to 2 times), after that we recommend giving 1 hour to lie down. We go in and create an advertising campaign. (Do not specify a large budget if you are not sure that you know what you are doing).

We create the FP in the very last place, when creating an ad.
Until he writes off 2 billing, we do NOT recommend creating new campaigns or adsets!
We do NOT create BMS on Accounts (there will be a block in 80% of cases), we only buy and add.

FB, this is an artificial intelligence machine. Don't be upset if she outplayed you, the real Gurus of Traffic Arbitration use 100 accounts at one time, 50 of these 50 pcs reach the drain, 10 pcs of these 50 pcs show the result (a result that covers all their expenses and allows them to earn from a million rubles a month).

It's difficult, but you can.

- Use your home (local) IP address.
- Use VPN services both paid and free.
- Use virtual machines, device emulators, VPS servers, VDS (only high-quality proxies are needed).
- Use IPv6 proxies, shared/public proxies.
- Use a dynamic IP address (dynamic ip is not a proxy, because other clients of your provider could use it before you).
- Log in to 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy.

It is prohibited to use accounts for carding, fraud and any other actions contrary to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Responsibility for any actions performed on the purchased accounts after purchase and access to them lies solely with the buyer.
Don't break the law.
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