What's going on here?

Dear friends, in test mode we are launching two daily activities from Kirastore for you!

Daily discount coupon up to 20%.
A new discount coupon is created for you every day.
Every day the amount (%) of the discount is assigned randomly.

1. The promo code is valid until the end of the current day.
2. The promo code cannot be combined with other discounts.
3. The chance to get 6% is equal to the chance to get 20%, but we will fix it in the future.
4. In order not to miss the new coupon, subscribe to our channel. t.me/kirashopnews
Daily (gift) coupon for replenishment of the balance up to 300 rubles.
Every day a new promo code is created for you to replenish your balance.
Every day the coupon amount (in rubles) is assigned randomly.

1. Promo code can be applied 1 time.
2. Promo code can only be applied by 1 person (who will be faster).
3. You can apply the coupon in your personal account kirastore.info/client/user/login .
4. In order not to miss the new promo code, subscribe to our channel. t.me/kirashopnews
Free test accounts.
Periodically, accounts will be distributed on the channel.

1. The category of accounts is random.
2. The quantity from 1 is at the discretion of the administration.
3. No replacements are issued for test accounts.
4. In order not to miss the distribution, subscribe to our channel. t.me/kirashopnews
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