Facebook USA - With business managers - To run ads - SMS, Email, Cookies, photo, tokenSelfie, Created 2 BMa, 2FanPage, 2FA+. (Document of the passage of Selfies and BAA)

In Stock 409 pcs.

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Facebook USA accounts for launching ads.
Ideal for advertising and Business Managers.
The package includes an email and a password from it.

Created 2 business managers.
Created 2 fanpage.
Two factor authentication set.
5-6 photos, avatar, cover, mail and sms+, TOKEN+.
Logins from IP addresses of different countries are possible (in order to increase the viability of the account).
Unfortunately, there may be accounts of another geo.
Passed lockdown through sending selfies.

Some accounts may have 1 fanpage, 1 business manager, may not have two factor authentication.

1 business manager can be blocked.

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