ADS manager Facebook with 1500$ daily spend limit GEO - USA currency - USD. Limit drop warranty!

In Stock 2 pcs.

account contain adsmanager with 1500 $ daily spend limit. Do not use this social facebook account for start ads. Account use only for transfer ads 1500 to your facebook account

how it works:
•  Login to account
•  add you main account to friends
•  go to ads manager settings and transfer account with 1500 limit to your main account. To find which adsmanager is 1500 daily spent limit use checker -
•  wait 24 hours befor you will add card
•  we recommend to use USA proxies, cards and facebook social account
•  add card via post boost on your fanpage

Remove all unnecessary admins after transferring the RC to the mom!

If limit drop sent us screenshots with adsmanager id also use this checker (

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